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Baume pour le cuir - Mack of Mack

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100 ml

How to clean natural leather

Use 50/50 water/vinegar and few drops of glycerine soap solution applied with a damp cloth. Remove all dirt and debris to allow the best penetration of the balm’s natural oils. Allow leather to dry thoroughly after cleaning. 

How to restore vintage leather jacket

For restoring and general refreshing your leather jacket, apply balm massaging - rub it in. Repeat as needed and allow to soak in overnight. Simple as that. Balm works too on restoring Bates seat, saddles or anything made of natural leather. Not to be used on suede or nubuck.

How to waterproof vegetable tanned leather 

Apply the balm by hand or with a clean cloth, covering the surface thoroughly. Leave overnight in a warm room to allow the balm to soak in completely, or help it along with heat gun on low or hairdryer. You can even take it with you to enjoy the sauna if you’ve got one. Smaller items can be placed in the oven to warm at about 50ºC/120ºF for 5 minutes. The thirstier your leather is the more coats you’ll need. For the best waterproof effect repeat 4-5 times until the balm has penetrated completely and wipe off any excess that remains on the surface.